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As a team of passionate and professional arborists, we are ready to take care of all your tree removal and maintenance needs. Our focus is on maintaining a service that provides not only exceptional customer service, but also a superior end result for all our projects.

Our expertise and industry knowledge spanning over many years, ensures we can provide you with a range of comprehensive services, making us the best choice for you.

Fully insured and operating under strict OH&S guidelines, all work is managed safely and effectively, giving you complete peace of mind throughout your project.

We also understand that cost is an important factor when you are making decisions for your home or business, and that is why we have worked incredibly hard to maintain some of the most competitive rates in the industry, ensuring we can match your needs and budget, without compromising on quality.

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We specialise in

  • Tree removals, trimming & pruning
  • Stump removal and stump grinding
  • Storm clean ups
  • Mulching and mulch sales
  • Tree lopping
  • Traffic management

Our machinery

  • 18m cherry picker for larger trees
  • 12m cherry picker for small areas & tight entrances
  • Up to 8 cubic metre tipping trucks
  • Stump grinders
  • Bandit mulcher
  • Portable Lucas Mill


Offering an extensive range of services, our professional team of arborists are available
to help you manage any project requirements you may have.

Tree Lopping

There are many reasons why tree lopping can be a valuable and viable option. You may need higher limbs or branches cut back in order to preserve a view, or more commonly, to avoid a dangerous situation such as trees hitting power lines, houses, sheds etc. Our tree lopper service can help keep trees from becoming overgrown and causing damage that is otherwise avoidable.

Stump grinding

There are a number of reasons you may choose to opt for a stump grinding / stump removal service. You may need to clear land, remove a hazardous stump or a tree may be diseased/dead and need to be cut down. Grinding can be preferable to total removal as it requires less time, work and overall cost.

Tree pruning & trimming

Utilising our trimming and pruning expertise, we can help regain the health of your trees, while also keeping them safe and manageable. Pruning and trimming is a suitable and practical option for so much of your landscape including fruit tree growth, removal of dead wood, height reduction, safety and aesthetics.

Tree removal

There may be times where a tree cannot be preserved and needs to be removed. Our arborists are experts in the safe and efficient removal of trees, no matter their size. We guarantee a complete removal, with full clean up, while also ensuring that the surrounding landscape is preserved and undamaged during the process.

Hedge trimming

Our hedge trimming services can help keep your gardens looking fresh, vibrant and neat all year round. We can keep your hedges shaped or trimmed back in whatever way you choose and can also offer advice on the best time of year to promote new growth in their first couple of years.


If you are looking for alternatives to help promote to richness and moisture of your soil, mulching is a practical and inexpensive option. Mulching can even assist in the prevention of weed growth and help to stabilise and protect the roots of your landscape during extreme weather temperatures.

Site clearing

If you have a block of land or site that you have intentions of building on, then you need to enlist the services of a professional to have your site cleared safely and completely. We can assist by removing trees, stumps, vegetation or weeds, giving you a blank slate to work with and ready for your project.

Portable Lucas Mill

Complete with slabbing attachment, our portable Lucas Mill is ideal for all of your requirements for the milling and slabbing of timber. When you have projects on site or at home, this is an ideal solution. Out team are on hand to provide you with the best advice for usage and can even assist with other project solutions.

Storm clean up

Bad weather can cause chaos for homes and businesses, and lead to an unsafe environment. If you have been left with a mess on your property, our team can come and help remove all of the debris and perform a clean up safely and quickly. With our equipment and expertise, we will ensure the clean-up is performed swiftly, easing your stress and reducing any inconvenience to you.

Insurance work

If you have had to make a claim due to damage at your home or business, you want to work with a reliable and professional team you can trust. We are often enlisted by insurance companies to perform a thorough assessment and come up with a plan to manage whatever action is required.

Traffic Management

With a strong focus on efficiency and quality, we can also assist your project with effective traffic control solutions. Our experienced and fully qualified team work with you to ensure complete co-ordination resulting in the safe management of the flow of traffic, without compromising your project or road users.

Roadside clearing

Roadside clearing must be completed by professionals and in accordance with the appropriate regulations. It is designed to maintain the integrity of the natural habitat and vegetation and may be required in several cases, including areas of damage, management of vegetation growth, pest maintenance and safety concerns.

5 Metre Crane Truck Hire

If you have a project that requires heavy loads or additional lifting, then a crane truck will help you complete your job much more efficiently. Our 5 metre crane trucks offer transport and machinery all in one, saving you time and money. With safety, efficiency and affordability as our number one priority, our crane truck hire with operator is your ideal solution.

5 Tonne Excavator Hire

If you have a project that requires excavation, clearing or lifting, then our excavator will help you complete that job much more efficiently. Our 5 tonne excavator is available for hire with an operator, and will save you significant time, when clearing property, moving logs, digging trenches and so much more. With affordability as our number one priority, our excavator for hire with operator is your ideal solution.

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